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ChatBot Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Get Started With Our FREE Real Estate ChatBot And A FREE ManyChat.Com Account. Start The $10 Lead Gen Challenge For Realtors Right Now! Below You Will Find The Complete Setup & Installation Instructions!

Before we begin installing RealtyMessengerBot there are 2 things we need to make sure you have in place:

1.) You need to have a Facebook Business Page set up for your real estate business.

2.) You need to create an account at ManyChat.Com and connect it to your Facebook Page.

Next We’re Going To Install The Realty Messenger Bot FREE Template To Your ManyChat Account & Personalize It With Your Business Information!

1.) How to install the Realty Messenger Bot FREE template into your ManyChat Account.

To begin installing the RealtyMessengerBot template make sure that you are logged in to you ManyChat account and then click the following link:

Click Here To Install RealtyMessengerBot Free

Below you will find video instructions on how to install the RealtyMessengerBot Free template.

2.) How to personalize the Realty Messenger Bot FREE template with your business information.

You can easily personalize the RealtyMessengerBot to your business in just a few minutes. You are going to need a 400 x 400 image that can either be your business logo, an image of yourself, or both.

Below you will find video instructions on how to personalize the RealtyMessengerBot template for your business.

Now That Your Realty Messenger Bot FREE ChatBot Is All Set Up, Let’s Create Your New Listing Facebook Ad & Connect It To Your Bot!

(You Do Not Need Access To The Members Area To Complete The Lead Gen Challenge. The Exact Instructions From The Members Area Are Provided Below.)

Split Test Ad Images

The first step is to find 6-8 Images to use for your ad. The images can be of the front of the house, aerial photographs of the house, interior photos or neighborhood amenities. Just find 6-8 images that show different areas of the home and the features that you want to highlight.

Make sure your image sizes are all the same size. Facebook recommends 1280 X 720. I recommend trying to find photos larger that 1280 X 720 and then resize them down, don’t find smaller images and try to resize them up because you loose picture quality.

After running your ads for 2 full days turn off the the 2 ads with the highest cost per new messaging subscriber and let the remaining 4 ads continue to run. After 2 more full days turn off the 2 ads with the highest cost per new messaging subscriber and let the remaining 2 ads continue to run. After 2 more days turn off the 1 ad that has the highest cost per new messaging subscriber and let the remaining ad continue to run. (if there is no clear winner between the last 2 ads you can let both ads run.)

New Listing Sign.

Download the New Listing Sign image to the right by simply right clicking on the image and choosing to “Save As” to your computer. You can now overlay and resize this image onto the Facebook ad images you selected in the previous step. Do this to all 6-8 images you selected. I recommend placing the sign in either the bottom left or right corners of your ad images. Once you have your 6-8 ad images created then we will move on to create our New Listing Facebook ad campaign.

(Right click and choose “Save As”)

New Listing Icon Overlay.

Edit Your Photos Online.

If you do not have any image editing software on your computer than you can edit your photos online using FREE photo editing sites. It is very important to add the New Listing icon image to your photos because it helps to get you more subscribers at a lower cost.

Go to google and do a quick search for “Free Online Photo Editor” and you will find plenty of free online photo editing tools you can use. I chose to use this one:


Watch the video instructions and I will show you how you can use this Free Online Photo Editor to create your Facebook ad images by overlaying your house images with the New Listing icon.

Interest Targeting To Narrow Your Audience

As of August 1st 2019 Facebook has limited our targeting options in the housing industry to prohibit possible instances of discrimination and to adhere to Fair Housing Laws. There are still many interests that can be targeted on Facebook and what works in one market may not work in another. If you are in a small population, like me, in some cases you may choose to use no interest targeting at all and just let the Facebook algorithm do it’s thing. If your market is in a large population you may choose to layer your interest targeting to give you a more narrowed audience.

There are 3 main categories to use when using interest targeting, Real Estate Portals interests, Home Buyer interests and Mortgages/Loans interests.

August 1, 2019 Facebook Ad Targeting Changes:

realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com

August 1, 2019 Facebook Ad Targeting Changes:

Mortgage Loans, Mortgage Calculator, Reverse Mortgage, Home Equity Loan, Loan, FHA Insured Loan, Home equity line of credit, Refinancing, Home equity, Pre-qualification (lending), Cash out refinancing, Mortgage broker

August 1, 2019 Facebook Ad Targeting Changes:

House Hunting, First-time buyer, First-time home buyer grant, Property finder, Single-family detached home, Starter home, For sale by owner, Real estate investing, Real estate appraisal, Luxury real estate, Real estate, Real estate broker

As Of 8/01/19 We Can No Longer Exclude Agents & Lenders From Seeing Your Ads Or Use Any Other Exclusions.

Copy And Paste Facebook Ad Swipe

Ad Copy:


Wait until you see the ? pics of the AMAZING {description of amazing kitchen, views, master suite, or other awesome feature of this home}!

Click the “LEARN MORE” button ? below ? and I’ll instantly ? message you all the photos & details.


Headline Text Options:

See All Photos & Details ?

View Property Details ?

News Feed Link Description Options:

No Email Sign Up Required! ?

Get Details In FB Messenger ?

Call To Action Button:

Learn More

Messenger Setup:


Click the “[VIEW MAIN ST]” button below to get started!

Quick Reply Button Text:

[VIEW MAIN ST] (replace with street name your property is on)

Create The Response Your ChatBot Gives And Connect It To Your Ad!

How To Edit The New Listing Template

Duplicate RMBF – New Listing Flow

When creating a New Listing ad you will want to navigate to the RMBF – New Listings folder.

Flows folder -> Realty Messenger Bot Free folder -> RMBF – New Listings folder.

Duplicate the file named “RMBF – New Listing” and then rename it “[YOUR PROPERTIES ADDRESS] Flow.”

Edit the flow button to include a link to the New Listing property details page on your website, and edit the tags on the yellow action card.

Create Your Keyword

Create the keyword that links your Facebook ad to the response in your chatbot by going to Automation in the left side menu of your ManyChat account. Then click on “Keywords” that shows up below Automation. Next, in the top right corner click the blue “Create New Rule” button. At the bottom of the page there will be a spot for you to enter a new keyword. Enter the keyword we used on our quick reply button in the Messenger Setup portion of our Facebook ad.


Click the “Create Keyword” link on the right side of the data entry field. Once saved you will see the option to either “Create New Reply” or “Select Existing Reply.” We will choose to “Select Existing Reply” and in the pop up window we will navigate to our RMBF – New Listings folder to select the  “[YOUR PROPERTIES ADDRESS] Flow” we created in the previous step.

Now when someone clicks on our Facebook ad they will receive the New Listing reply we created in our chatbot!

Now Let’s Take A Look At Some Actual Results From My Personal Facebook Ads Taking The $10 Facebook Ads Lead Gen Challenge For Realtors!

This ad ran from February 2nd through February 4th for a total of 3 Days. I spent $26.43 and got 20 new subscribers at $1.32 per lead into my bot. I am currently working with 2 of them already and the remaining 18 are being nurtured and followed up with by my Realty Messenger Bot!

This ad ran from June 3rd through June 12th for a total of 10 Days. I spent $106.10 and got 118 new subscribers at $0.90 per lead into my bot. I had 12 people submit a buyer’s qualification form, got 1 listing appointment, and I have already got 1 of them pre approved with my lender!

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