Edit Your Photos Online.

If you do not have any image editing software on your computer than you can edit your photos online using FREE photo editing sites. I like to use this one:


If you do not like PIXLR, go to google and do a quick search for “Free Online Photo Editor” and you will find plenty of free online photo editing tools you can use.

For a New Listing, Coming Soon, or Open House Ad you simply use 6-8 images from that specific property, using both exterior and interior photos.

I recommend trying to find photos larger than 1280 X 720 and then resize them down, don’t find smaller images and try to resize them up because you lose picture quality.

In my image examples you’ll notice that they all have a red “New Listings Hot List” icon on top of the image. I find that this helps increase clicks on our ads and I highly recommend you do the same to achieve the best results.

Below you will find the icon I use when creating ad images. It is on a transparent background so it can be easily overlaid on your images. Download the icon by simply right clicking on the image and choosing to “Save As” to your computer.

(Right click and choose “Save As”)

Click on “Mark Complete” when you have finished and then click the “Next Step” button.