Interest Targeting To Narrow Your Audience

If you are in a small population, like me, in some cases you may choose to use no interest targeting at all and just let the Facebook algorithm do it’s thing. If your market is in a large population you may choose to layer your interest targeting to give you a more narrowed audience.

There are 3 main categories to use when using interest targeting, Real Estate Portals interests, Home Buyer interests and Mortgages/Loans interests., Trulia, Zillow,

Mortgage Loans, Mortgage Calculator, Reverse Mortgage, Home Equity Loan, Loan, FHA Insured Loan, Home equity line of credit, Refinancing, Home equity, Pre-qualification (lending), Cash out refinancing, Mortgage broker

House Hunting, First-time buyer, First-time home buyer grant, Property finder, Single-family detached home, Starter home, For sale by owner, Real estate investing, Real estate appraisal, Luxury real estate, Real estate, Real estate broker

Copy And Paste Facebook Ad Swipe

Ad Copy:


Wait until you see the ? pics of the AMAZING {description of amazing kitchen, views, master suite, or other awesome feature of this home}!

Click the “LEARN MORE” button ? below ? and I’ll instantly ? message you all the photos & details.


Headline Text Options:

See All Photos & Details ?

View Property Details ?

News Feed Link Description Options:

No Email Sign Up Required! ?

Get Details In FB Messenger ?

Call To Action Button:

Learn More

Messenger Setup:


Click the “[VIEW MAIN ST]” button below to get started!

Quick Reply Button Text:

[VIEW MAIN ST] (replace with street name your property is on)

Click on “Mark Complete” when you have finished and then click the “Next Step” button.