Generating Leads Is Your #1 Priority As A Real Estate Agent

Let Me Explain How Realty Messenger Bot Works To Pre Qualify Your Leads On Auto-Pilot!

The #1 Real Estate ChatBot!

Realty Messenger Bot Filters Through Everyone That Clicks On Your Ads To Find The Leads That Will Be The Most Responsive To Your Phone Calls And Text Messages.

Realty Messenger Bot Pre-Qualifies Your Leads By Getting Them To Voluntarily Submit Their Home Search Criteria Along With Their Registered Facebook Email Address And Phone Number!

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What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From Realty Messenger Bot?

$10 Per Day Is All You Need!

Buyer Leads From New Listing Facebook Or Hotlist Ads For As Little As $1 Per Lead!

Seller Leads From Instant Home Valuation And Lead Magnet Ads For As Little As $1 To $2 Per Lead!

Retarget Thousands Of Potential Buyers And Sellers That Have Engaged With Your ChatBot And Facebook Page For As Little As $5 Per Day!

Now Let’s Take A Look At Some Actual Results From My Personal Facebook Ads While Taking The $10 Facebook Ads Lead Gen Challenge For Realtors!

This ad ran from February 2nd through February 4th for a total of 3 Days. I spent $26.43 and got 20 new subscribers at $1.32 per lead into my bot. I am currently working with 2 of them already and the remaining 18 are being nurtured and followed up with by my Realty Messenger Bot!

This ad ran from June 3rd through June 12th for a total of 10 Days. I spent $106.10 and got 118 new subscribers at $0.90 per lead into my bot. I had 12 people submit a buyer’s qualification form, got 1 listing appointment, and I have already got 1 of them pre approved with my lender!

Ongoing Support From The Real Estate Lead Geek!

A Little Background Info On Me.

My name is Brian Krstich and I have been a Web Developer, Internet Marketer, Google & Facebook Ads Specialist, and Affiliate Marketer for over 15 years.

5 years ago I got my Realtors license and made a quick transition into real estate using of all of my Internet Marketing skills.

When I saw chatbots emerging on the scene I knew they were going to be the future of real estate lead generation so I quickly got to work building one for my business.

The results were amazing and soon other agents in my office were asking me what I was doing. I began to share it with them and soon after… RealtyMessengerBot.Com was born.

I still use Realty Messenger Bot in my business and now I help hundreds of Realtors and Real Estate Agents in the U.S. & Canada and several other countries around the world as well!

I take great pride in knowing that I have helped hundreds of agents transform their real estate business and I am looking forward to helping you achieve the same!

I can’t wait to work with you, See you in the members area!

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This is a ONE TIME FEE. There is NO MONTHLY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION for Realty Messenger Bot Pro! You will need a ManyChat Pro account which costs $10 per month.

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